XinniX releases Desolación

In december 2020 and as the first single after their debut homonymous album, XinniX releases Desolación.

With a more dense and introspective sound, this track is meant to be in protest against the massacres and impune crimes that have been occuring in Colombia and that seem to be increasing in the last years.

¨¿How is this shit possible? Is the question we ask ourselves, seeing all the victims that corruption, hunger for power and money, and the need to give political favors back, leave behind¨

Desolación has a video lyric that is made up of images from the central cemetery of Bogotá, and that depicts the dark, rough and strong feeling that the track has.

¨We sincerely hope that in a, not so far, future we won’t have to do these type of songs and Colombia will be a country with freedom of speech and thought¨

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