QUÉDATE: Live from Independent Sessions

XinniX - Quédate - Independent Sessions

This story begins with some drinks and a friend speaking about things in life. This friend was telling us about an ¨on and off¨, dramatic and passionate love story he was enduring at the time. These types of relationships that, due to their intense nature, become so addictive that, despite knowing and being conscious of the damage they cause, we simply can’t leave and we always come back with a sense of urgency that is unexplainable and even irrational.

From this conversation we moved to a discussion on how we have all lived similar feelings and how we act without considering the consequences, a behaviour that is inherent to our deepest passions and, therefore, driven by our muse ¨Nyx¨ the Greek goddess of the night.

And precisely from that day ¨Quédate¨ comes out. Its music, with contrasting dynamics, takes us to a roller coaster where one second you are in heaven and the next going down a steep slope, and its lyrics become the perfect companion for dark times in life.

XinniX - Quédate - Independent Sessions

In this occasion, Independent Sessions has invited us to do a live version of this song. The recording was made in Balcón Bar, Bogotá, at the end of 2019, the video was produced by Independent and the recording and editing by David Zambrano from La Toma Producciones.


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  • I like it. If this will be a cup of coffee I will describe as “Nice mellow and sweet with longer adn pleasant after taste”. Please more sounds like this.


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