How to set up a launch pad into your drum set

Boris Pad2

Hello! How’s everything? My name is Boris and I am XinniX drummer.

Many people ask us how do we do to sound like a full band being only two members in the group. That can be done by using different pedals, pads and Fx. That is why, today I want to tell you about the Electronic Pad I am using, the MPX8, and how I incorporated it in my drumset.

This is, really, a launchpad created for DJ’s, in which you can load any type of sample, beat, chord, pre recorded or digital sound in the squares.

In XinniX, I have incorporated it to give a greater timbric and harmonic palet to the duo. In the track Obsesión, I use it to create a filter effect, being a drum groove translation into the pad. Since the pad does not have the same fat sound as the instrument, the resulting dynamics are going to be very contrasting, giving a sense of fullness when coming back to the actual drums.

Another use of these type of electronic tools is that you can incorporate sounds that are not usually available. In Amor T, we created a section that has a close sound to Trip Hop, so, I searched for a pattern within the style and added some deep bass and drops to feel a better nature of the section. 

Boris Pad

Another advantage of this Pad is to be able to load harmonic supports in it, specially for those moments in which Kat is doing a solo or a melodic line and cannot maintain the harmony of the song. In this case, what I do is pre record the chords without any rhythm, since it is not possible to modify the rhythm in the pad, and upload those open chords and activate them real time…

This Pad is only one of the many devices we use to achieve XinniX sound, if you want to know more about them, keep up with our web page. 

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